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ID & Data Smartcard

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Digital Businesscard
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The Next ID & Data-
Standard for Me "On the Go"

The SpreadID Smartcard is the only card you need to perform your day proving that good, good rituals can meet high tech sovereignity as the SpreadID Smartcard gives you access to all your information you want to share - everytime and everywhere. Old-fashioned Business Cards and Memory Sticks are not needed anymore. You can carry all information on one card and share whatever you want with whomever you want in a securily manner.

Vcard standard onboard 

The SpreadID Smartcard provides the full VCard Standard for Apple and Android and enables you to easily enhance your personal profile the way it best matches your business and private life. Once linked to your channels - your Smartcard is always up to date at the edge of your life.

Full access & flexibility at any time

The SpreadID Smartcard makes the handling of your mobile data and e-Identity smooth, comfortable and seamless at any time - from setup till daily buisiness. No matter if you use your Smartcart for business or private purposes, you are prepared to flexibly spread your individual ID - same as data relevant to the situation. Ranging from your private family video to the actual presentation you just held - from standard business information to individual contacts

Matching your daily demands

SpreadID Smartcard is the
perfect decision for private
use - as well as for wide ranging
business conditions

Providing highest security
standards for your ID & data

All data and transmissions are
fully encrypted and transferred
with a highly secure one-time token.

We care about the privacy and security of your data! Therefore your data, same as your profile are stored fully encrypted. Only accessible by you and by use of a one-time token, which is used to sign each transmission of your pre-selected profile and data. To ensure highest security standards, your SpreadID Smartcard has the most secure NFC chip "DNA" on-board, which even meets the standards for digital signatures.

Highlights innovated
by SpreadID

SpreadID is not just an innovtive and practical card, it sets a new "On the Go" data standard and is the opportunity to stand out and be unique - as well as private as in business. SpreadID supports the eco-friendly movement and is ready for delivering digital innovation and efficiency to your daily business and private life. But there are even more advantages for you:

Our Smartcard solutions -
Tailored to your individual demand

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